Hello and thank you for checking me out. I'm a  passionate photographer based in the South East of England.
My digital photography journey started in 2005 after a safari to Kenya. This in turn led me to sign up for a City & Guilds course, gain success in a few competitions, one of which was exhibited at the Tate Modern and receive a Licentiate from The Royal Photographic Society.
I enjoy many genres of photography from the hustle and bustle of busy events to the peace and quiet of long exposure landscapes, a selection of each is in my portfolio.
Whilst, for me, the most enjoyable aspect of photography is the thrill of being behind the camera, post processing is also an essential part of my workflow. I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom since it first came out and in 2015 became a Certified Adobe Instructor.​​​​​​​​
Photography also gives me a vehicle to give something back to the community. 
In conjunction with the Royal Photography Society, Cafe Art and Fujifilm I run a mentoring group for those who are homeless or have been affected by homelessness in London.  Towards the end of the course delegates have the opportunity to exhibit their photos in a number of galleries in London, including the Fuji film concept centre in Covent Garden.
I am also a photographer for Demelza Children’s hospice, where I photograph the children, staff and fund raising events. and the anti racism organisation Kick it Out.